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Posted by Karen Couchman, Thursday, 3 May 2012

The OptiGlo road paint is charged by heat, natural light and any form of incandescent light such as the headlights from a car,bike or torch. This is a highly durable luminous paint with a hardness rating of 7.In a world that is growing ever more hungry in its consumption of power. This is a remarkably effective way to reduce our carbon foot print on the world. Night time need no longer be a dangerous place where safety is always an issue.

Application for road lines is critical for optimum results, a coating of no less than 400 microns is recommended. In the past this kind of paint was considered highly toxic as its base compound was made from Radium an radioactive element. Now the OptiGlo base compounds are from a completely safe mineral compound, only found in Japan. It is non-carcinogenic and will revoutionise safety in the work place. Roadsigns Australia proposes to trial the use this product in the following applications.

  • Edges of stairs in darkened stair wells
  • Bike trail centre lines and guide posts
  • Street signs that can be charged by the headlights of passing traffic
  • Factory walkways for emergency exits during black outs.
  • Truck bay guide lines
  • Road line marking

There are many other areas that this remarkable product could be used such as airports landing strips. On the underside of lighting hoods where the luminescence will last up to 12 to 15 hours once power has been cut. Further information on this product can be found at