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Signs & Other Services

In addition to our standard services, we offer a broad range of supplementary services.

These services usually compliment our primary field of Line marking, one of which is Surface preparation. This can be done by means of Water blasting/ High pressure cleaning or depending on requirements, Shot Blasting – a mechanical “Etching” treatment for superior adhesion of line marking paint to concrete floors.

We also carry out concrete floor sealing and pavement painting/ coatings.

Last but not least, Roadsigns Aust can Supply and Install Traffic & Safety Signs, and Car park “Furniture” such as Wheel Stops and Speed Humps.

Other Services

Traffic & Safety Signs

Constantly changing OH&S legislation requires traffic and safety signs in all warehouses, manufacturing and construction environments. Roadsigns can supply & install all types of signs to ensure compliance in such environments.


  1. Safety Signs
    Hearing & eye protection requirements. Helmet, safety foot wear and safety vest areas.
  2. Hazard Signage
    Hazchem signs, Forklift operating areas, safety zones and no smoking areas.
  3. Location and Directional Signs
    Office, toilet, first aid, and fire extinguisher signage.
  4. Traffic Signage
    Traffic restrictions, including speed limits, give way, stop, no entry and one way traffic signage. Also included are : Pedestrian crossings, speed humps and disabled parking signs.

Water Blasting

Prior to coating a surface, it must first be properly prepared. Often water blasting can be used to prepare the surface to facilitate better adhesion of line marking paints, resulting in less frequent re-painting.

Due to the high standard of surface preparation required to get the optimum line marking or coating results, Roadsigns prefer to undertake their own water blasting preparation Anti-algaecide detergents are used to removed grease, moss and algae. Water blasting can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, including – athletics tracks and sports courts.

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting can be used alter the nature of a concrete surface. This is particularly useful in circumstances where a smooth, shiny concrete floor requires preparation to enable paint to stick to the surface. Shot blasting can also be used to rove dirt and paint from previous line marking works. As a dustless shot blasting system is used by Roadsigns, the process does not generate any dust and is relatively quiet in operation.

Floor Sealing & Coatings

There are many different coating options available, the two most common:

  1. Clear Concrete Sealer
    This is often the best way to seal your concrete surface and acts as a dust suppressant.
  2. Two Pack Coatings
    Either polyurethane or Epoxy can be used, depending on the specific application. Coloured lines and surfaces can be included in the job to achieve a smooth surface that is resistant to grease and chemicals.

Roadsigns (Aust) can assist you with sealing or coating your floor, no matter what the surface. One of the most important considerations before any sealing or coating can be undertaken is to prepare the surface correctly first. A correctly prepared surface will ensure that the sealer or coating will last longer.

In addition, you may also require the application of a non lip surface. Roadsigns have invested considerable time to research and development of different types of grits. The best non-slip texture an be achieved by using the right grit we will incorporate this into your final coating preparation.

Car Park Furniture / Install Work

Roadsigns Aust. can Supply and Install wheel stops, Rubber, Plastic and Concrete to add the final touch to your car park.

Have a problem with speeding vehicles? Why not arrange for us to install some speed humps to help maintain safe site speeds?

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