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Water & Shot Blasting

Water Blasting

Prior to coating a surface, it must first be properly prepared. Often water blasting can be used to prepare the surface to facilitate better adhesion of line marking paints, resulting in less frequent re-painting.

Due to the high standard of surface preparation required to get the optimum line marking or coating results, Roadsigns prefer to undertake their own water blasting preparation Anti-algaecide detergents are used to removed grease, moss and algae. Water blasting can be used on both indoor and outdoor surfaces, including - athletics tracks and sports courts.

Shot Blasting

Shot Blasting can be used alter the nature of a concrete surface. This is particularly useful in circumstances where a smooth, shiny concrete floor requires preparation to enable paint to stick to the surface. Shot blasting can also be used to rove dirt and paint from previous line marking works. As a dustless shot blasting system is used by Roadsigns, the process does not generate any dust and is relatively quiet in operation.

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